Pension advisor - what should they be discussing

What your pension advisor should be discussing with you

By Insights

Preparing for your retirement is one of the key financial plans you need to make. To navigate the world of pensions, many hire a pension advisor to ensure successful and smooth planning. In this short guide, we’ll show you the things a good pension advisor should be discussing with you, including:

• The benefits of hiring a pension advisor
• Your retirement plans and desires
• Your attitude to risk
• The different pension options available
• The tax implications of pensions
• Your understanding of the pension you are picking
• Where to find a pension advisor

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Sole traders - cash v trad accounting

Sole Traders and Accounting – Cash Basis Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting

By Insights

Sole traders can choose to use either cash basis accounting or traditional accounting. The decision can have a big impact on running your business and influence the ease of filing your taxes. In this post, we’ll examine the differences by looking at:

• Traditional accounting for sole traders
• The benefits of traditional accounting
• Cash basis accounting for sole traders
• The benefits of cash basis accounting
• The treatment of expenses
• Which accounting system is better for you
• Getting help with your sole trader accounting

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Royalties income stream

What are Royalties and how to manage them in your income stream?

By Insights

Have you received royalties and are you now left wondering what to do? Royalty taxation can seem difficult from the onset but we are here to help. In this short guide, we will examine questions such as:

• What are royalties?
• How are royalties taxed?
• How to use Trading Allowance
• What do you need to know about the withholding tax for royalties?
• How to get help

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SEIS & EIS Schemes

SEIS and EIS schemes: What’s the difference and which one is right for you?

By Insights

The UK government has two initiatives called the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) that encourage small business investment. The SEIS and EIS schemes are important to know about for both business owners and investors. In this guide, we’ll examine:

• The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
• The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
• What companies qualify for the SEIS and EIS schemes?
• What are the similarities between the schemes?
• How to choose the right scheme for your startup?
• How to find help with SEIS and EIS schemes?

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Tax Deadlines

Tax Deadlines You Must Not Miss This Year

By Insights

New year and new tax deadlines to think about! The start of the year is the perfect time to sort out your tax fling and payments deadlines. In this short guide, we will go through the important deadlines, including:

• Crucial January tax deadlines
• Preparation for the end of the tax year in March
• The end and start of a new tax year in April
• Time for the second payment in July for the self-employed
• Tax deadlines in October to know about
• VAT and Corporation tax deadlines
• How to get help with your small business taxes

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Planning Start-Up in 2020

Planning a Successful Startup in 2020?

By Insights

The new year is always an opportunity to start something new. For many, the idea of running a business is a dream they want to fulfil. If you are thinking about starting a business in 2020, this post will help you make the dream a reality. In this short guide, we’ll give you tips on planning a successful startup, including how to:

• Identify your business idea by solving a problem
• Sort out the legal bits
• Draft a business plan
• Find financing for your startup
• Get help when planning a successful startup

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New Governement 6 things

New Government: 6 Things to Look Out For

By Insights

The 2019 election is over and the country has a new Conservative government. But what does the new government mean for business? In this post, we’ll examine the promises and their potential implications, including:

• Passing the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
• Changing R&D Tax Credits
• Increasing National Insurance Threshold and Employment Allowance
• Promising to Avoid Increases in Many Tax Rates
• Cracking Down on Tax Avoidance
• Reviewing Systems to Help Business
• What You Can Do Now

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tax payment problems

Tax Payment Problems: What to Do if You Think Your Business Is Struggling?

By Insights

Tax payment problems can happen to any business and the key to getting out of them and any other financial problem is to act on those problems immediately. Today’s post will examine the things you should do if you think your business is struggling. This includes things like:

• Assessing the situation
• Fixing temporary tax payment problems
• Fixing more systematic issues with cash flow
• Taking advantage of ways to reduce your tax payments
• Contacting HMRC and negotiating time to pay
• Preparing for insolvency
• Getting help with tax payments and financial planning

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