From Corporate Tax Planning To Accounting Services For Contractors Or Charities, Our London And Kent Teams Are Here To Help

Corporate Tax Planning

Sound forward planning can significantly reduce your corporate tax bill and improve retained profits. We have worked with business, large and small, with their business tax planning and individual executive or director needs.
Also looking after the specific requirements of your company, we can advise each individual director within the company with bespoke solutions for their own particular financial needs at the same time.

We Can Assist In The Areas Of:

  • Tax planning and negotiation with the tax authorities
  • PAYE and VAT Compliance reviews
  • Tax Investigations into tax and duties paid in the past
  • Structuring remuneration packages in the most tax efficient manner
  • Corporation Tax mitigation strategies
  • Financing Management Buy-Outs/Management Buy-Ins
  • Pension schemes and commercial property purchase
  • Bonus sacrificing to save Income Tax and National Insurance
  • International investments and trusts
  • Trust & estate planning
  • Advice surrounding the exit of a business
  • Leaving a legacy for your next of kin


Contracting is a career choice for many of our clients who contracts in various professions for the greater flexibility.

In Our Experience We Often Find The Main Concerns Of Clients Include:

  • Paying all taxes and VAT correctly
  • Ensuring their business affairs are set up in the most tax efficient manner
  • Keeping up to date with changes to contractor legislation and the
    applicable effects on their company

Contractors are also naturally concerned that they are saving enough for retirement, getting the most from their investments and that they have sufficient protection in place for themselves and their families in the event of ill health. We offer a no obligation tax and financial review, ensuring you have the most appropriate and comprehensive arrangements in place.

Personal Tax And Wealth Management

We value the provision of personal, face-to-face taxation, accounting and wealth management advice. This can be designed to suit your individual current and long-term requirements. There are not always off-the-shelf solutions as our experience is that every single client has their own personal circumstance. We find solutions that work for each and every one of our clients.


Charities can attract a number of tax benefits. We recognise that every charity is different, therefore, we aim to provide an tax planning strategies to meet individual charity’s requirements. This is based on a full understanding of their income, total return and risk parameters after a consultation.

Some Tax Benefits Available To Charities Include:

  • Donors are able to reclaim tax on the value of their donations
  • Charities do not attract Capital Gain Tax, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax
  • Depending on size – smaller trusts do not have to register for VAT

As accountants for your charity, we can advise you on an appropriate structure, as changes to legislation have made certain types of structures more favourable than the traditional charity structure. We will ensure you can continue your charitable work whilst having a structure that protects your personal assets from litigation.
Accounts are prepared in accordance with the charity commission guidance. So whether it is the filing of your gift aid forms, payroll, annual accounts preparation we offer a comprehensive to take care of you charitable requirements. Why not contact us for a non-obligation consultation?

How Are Annual Reporting Requirements Fulfilled?

The Charity Commission requires an annual formal report and accounts to be filed by charities. This can be a complex and time consuming activity, but we can share this responsibility with you in conjunction with a number of external experts. For more information about how this is achieved, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

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