How to Be a Successful Business Owner

By February 21, 2021 Insights
Great Business Owning

The success of a business always starts with a great business owner. But how do you become a great business owner? We can help! Here at Devonshire Green, we understand what it takes to be successful and the attributes you need to have. That’s why we’ve put together just a few of these qualities so you can be on your way to the top. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have them all down-packed as of now, all these attributes can be discovered and worked on as you start to set up your own business.

Believing in Yourself

Self-belief can be hard but it is not impossible. If you have trouble believing in yourself your business won’t succeed. Once you start to believe in yourself and even the business at hand, is when lots of other attributes also come into play. After believing in yourself you can start to self-motivate, which is a highly valuable skill to have when you are self-employed. Without this starting point and the confidence this produces, you won’t get to see all the rewards that self-employment has to offer and no one wants this.

Any trouble at all with this attribute, you can always reach out for help. Everyone struggles at times believing in what you are doing and there are many ways around this. Remember you are not alone!

Organise Yourself


With motivation comes organisation. Once you’ve motivated yourself and started to believe in the work you’re doing is when you will start to see the amount of work that you’ve got to do. This is when it is vital to organise yourself. Put together a schedule that involves work and downtime, as well as exercise and lunch. This will allow you to get into the routine of balancing work with relaxation. Without rest periods, you will run yourself down which will not benefit the quality of your work. Always keep in mind that setting big goals can lead to stress. So make sure to set yourself daily and weekly goals that will eventually achieve your main goal. This way it will keep you organised and avoid burnout.

However, organisation isn’t all about working out a schedule. You need to remember to keep your workspace organised too. With clear space comes a clear mind and it will filter out all the clutter and allow for more clear thinking. Filing your papers into draws and trays and having specific folders on your computer to keep everything in the right place are just a couple of tips.

Knowing How to Handle Money

This is a vital skill that we advise you to develop as quickly a possible. If you’re not good with money before starting your own business, it will lead to very little success. We advise researching how taxes work with how much you need to be setting aside. Taxes for self-employed businesses can vary so you need to keep on top of these and make sure you’ve got enough in the bank to be paying them.

Equally as important is knowing how and when to pay yourself. You don’t want to be caught out if you pay yourself too much or too little. This is where we can help. If you reach out and contact us, we can give you advice on how to handle your money efficiently.

Mentions to Honor

Honorable Mentions

There are many other attributes out there that are good to mention. These include marketing, technical skills, personable personality, and many others. To tie it all together, we suggest you do your research before starting up your business. Make sure you’ve got the skill-set to produce high-quality products and services, as well as knowing your target audience. By knowing these aspects before jumping into the deep end, it will give you a head start to connect with your customers and give them the highest level of customer service that they came for. Therefore, do your research, make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew, and keep your mind clear. With these simple starting points, you should put yourself on the road to success.