By July 19, 2019 Insights


Another milestone has been recently unveiled by Heathrow Airport. Interestingly, this is line with Heathrow’s commitment to try and transform the UK’s construction industry by operating expansion in order to completely revolutionise Britain’s way of building major infrastructure.

These Logistic Hubs will bring huge benefits to the UK, including the following:

  • Logistics Hubs will partake in offsite building of the third runway, which will help bring jobs to pretty much every corner of the UK, not only London.
  • Ten new 2018 Business Summit locations have also been unveiled, warranting that every region in the UK benefits from the increase of supply chain opportunities while the prospect of building is in play.
  • Four logistic hubs will help to warrant a legacy of excellence in construction all across the UK and help candidates explore their expertise all over the region. Not only will current generations profit, future generations will also benefit from the prospects that lay ahead.


Heathrow expansion is in fact the first major infrastructure project within the UK that will help to establish large-scale use of logistics hubs. With the UK leaving the EU, Heathrow stands as a crucial infrastructure project that will help to ensure Britain continues as a nation open to trading, and not one cutting off from the rest of the region. The Logistics Hubs has also secured Heathrow’s pledges pertaining to sustainability, by decreasing emissions by transferring constructed machines to site in a fewer number of lorries. This method will help in not only delivering the expansion quicker, it will also be more affordable in the long run and will help to minimalise impact on resident communities.


The North West side of Heathrow M25 intersects with the M4, where 50,000 vehicles a day pass along. The Heathrow expansion plans are proposing the introduction of a tunnel along the stretch of the M25 allowing the runway to be built above it. Much pre-planning considerations shall take place prior to any project on the M25 begins, assessing how the project will impact congestion on the roads. Already highways engineers with Smart Motorway experience and intelligent transport system skills will be called upon in the early stages of the planning.


In addition to the above, Heathrow’s expansion will bring about a great opportunity for contractors in the UK. The 65 sites that have been selected from a total of 121 applications open up doors for contractors to take up deals on different fronts.

  • Assembling and manufacturing components that are high-quality .
  • World class facilities built for Heathrow looking to attract similar projects abroad.
  • Consultants will be brought into to consider the project implementation
  • The building industry, commerce, trade and retail will receive a boost and increase jobs.
  • Job opportunities for educators and mentors and training centres will in effect increase.


As for the Business Summits, a total of ten new locations will host the summits. This will offer a unique prospect for SMEs to connect and meet with Heathrow’s supply chain. The Business Summits are designed in such a way to help SMEs create new connections all the while winning businesses with many of the UK’s biggest organisations.

  • This social project that will bring communities closer together.
  • A staggering £93.4 million in new deals have already been won by businesses, due to the partnerships that have been formed during the Business Summits.
  • These stand as lucrative measures for businesses that are either starting up or already have their name established within the market.
  • Both short term and long term work prospects can be considered under the overlook of building and connecting these Logistic Hubs.