Small Business VAT

Small Business VAT – Recent Changes and Schemes to Know About

By Insights

There have been significant changes to small business VAT in recent months that your small business might have missed. Some have been brought out by the Government’s coronavirus response, while others were part of continued efforts to tweak the VAT system. In this guide, we’ll go over the crucial small business VAT changes and schemes you need to know about, including:

• Permanent VAT reduction for the supplies of e-publications
• Temporary VAT reduction for personal protective equipment
• Cash accounting schemes and reduced rates
• Deferrals of VAT payments closing
• Getting help with your small business VAT

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Small Business Survival

Small Business Survival – 3 + 1 Ways to Reinvent Your Business

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Small business survival in a post-COVID-19 world will depend on reinventing your business. As shops are hit with restrictions and people’s shopping habits are undoubtedly changing, you need to be clever in how you attract and serve customers. In this post, we’ll look at the ways you can reinvent your business, including how to:

• Provide customers with the option to shop online
• Introduce creative queuing solutions
• Collaborate with other small businesses
• Understand the financial impact of the coronavirus
• Get help with your small business survival strategy

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Flexible Furlough

Flexible Furloughing Scheme Explained

By Insights

The Government has introduced a range of measures to combat the financial difficulties businesses are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among these is the introduction of a flexible furloughing scheme. Here’s a look at the scheme and things like:

• What are the major changes to CJRS?
• How will employees be paid on the flexible furloughing scheme?
• Will employers require employee consent for flexible furloughing?
• Can you furlough any employee on the flexible scheme?
• How to find more information and help

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Coronavirus Grant Extension

Coronavirus Schemes: Second SEISS Grant and SSP Cover Extension Announced

By Insights

While the country begins to ease back from strict coronavirus restrictions, the Government has continued to review and adjust the various coronavirus schemes to support businesses across the country. Most recently, they announced a second SEISS grant and SSP extension. In this guide, we’ll look at:

• The second SEISS Grant – Available grants, eligibility and the application process
• The SSP cover extension – including ‘track and trace’ self-isolation into the scheme
• Getting help with the SEISS grants and SSP rebate scheme

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Sick Pay Rebate Scheme

Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme is Here – What You Should Know

By Insights

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced several schemes and legislative changes that small businesses should know. One of the most important ones is the Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme, which helps small businesses that might have faced direct issues with COVID-19 related sickness of self-isolation. This guide will introduce the scheme and how it works by covering questions such as:

• What is the scheme?
• Who is eligible to use the rebate scheme?
• What periods are you allowed to claim for?
• Where can you claim for the Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme?
• What information will you need to provide?
• How to get help with the rebate scheme

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Small Business reopening

Reopening Small Business – Key Questions Answered

By Insights

The UK Government has outlined its first tentative steps to reopening, with some small businesses having reopened already and some set to restart trading in the coming weeks. What does reopening small business look like in the current climate and what should you know about it? We’ll examine the issues surrounding reopening post lockdown by answering questions like:

• Which small businesses are allowed to reopen and when?
• What are the conditions for reopening small business?
• How can you prepare your small business?
• Can your employees refuse to work?
• How can you limit the financial impact of coronavirus on your small business?
• How we can help your small business

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The Coronavirus Self-Employed Scheme Application Is Open

By Insights

The Government unveiled last week how its Coronavirus Self-Employed Scheme application process will work. The scheme could provide important relief to self-employed people and this guide will help you make the most of it. The guide will examine topics like:

• What is the scheme and who is it for?
• Who is excluded?
• How to make the Coronavirus Self-Employed Scheme application
• How to you show the adverse impact of COVID-19 on your income
• How to get help with your self-employed business

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Bounce Back Loan

The Bounce Back Loan Scheme – What is it and how to apply?

By Insights

Small businesses are going to need a lot of support to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government’s latest tool is aptly called the Bounce Back Loan Scheme and this guide will introduce you to the scheme by providing answers to questions such as:

• What is the new small business loan scheme?
• Who is eligible to use the Bounce Back Loan Scheme?
• When and how to apply for the new small business loan?
• What are the other tools available to small businesses?
• How to get more small business advice

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Small Buiness Grant

Coronavirus Small Business Grant Fund – What is it and how to apply?

By Insights

COVID-19 is causing a lot of financial distress to small businesses and the government has several schemes set up to help businesses get through these troubling times. The Coronavirus Small Business Grant Fund is available to some small businesses and this guide aims to answer important questions regarding the scheme, like:

• What is the scheme about?
• Who is eligible for the Coronavirus Small Business Grant Fund?
• What if you work in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector?
• How to apply for the grants?
• What else is available for small businesses?
• Get help dealing with the crisis

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Coronavirus & Tax

Coronavirus & Tax: taxable expenses when working from home

By Insights

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed business in many ways. While many companies have had to stop trading altogether, some workers have simply moved their workplace from the office to their private homes. If your employees are working from home, what expenses are taxable? In this short guide, we will examine topics like:

• Which employees are covered?
• Taxable and non-taxable expenses
• Understanding significant private use
• How to report to HMRC
• What about employees who aren’t working from home?
• Get more help with your small business taxes

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