Creating financial independence exit strategies for small business and corporate clients.

As a successful business owner you have a detailed understanding of what is required to make your business succeed. You, your employees and business advisers are focused on ensuring your business continues to create value for your customers, maintains your competitive advantage and exploits market and competitor opportunities.
However, in our experience, successful business owners tend to focus their time and energies on their business, sometimes at the expense of their personal needs and requirements. As a wealth management firm that specialises in helping businesses as well as business owners in an individual capacity, we believe we are ideally placed to help you to achieve your business, financial and lifestyle objectives.
As part of this process we will work closely with your existing professional advisers ensuring you make the most of your business assets. At the same time we will be working with you to do exactly the same for your personal assets. We believe you should plan for your financial security as rigorously as you plan for your business success. To achieve this you need an adviser who understands you and your business and will work with you to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from all your hard work.
One of the key challenges facing any business owner is how you convert your enterprise into wealth, or to put it another way, how you can extract the rewards for the many years of hard work and personal sacrifices that have been made in building your business to create financial independence for yourself and your family. This can be explored with three key questions:

Have you placed a value on financial independence?

We believe the best plans are those that are simple to produce and act upon and so we have designed a simple way of placing a value on financial independence.

Is your business an occupation or a source of private wealth?

If it is an occupation-that is you are carrying on a trade or profession that traditionally has meant self-employment, then this means it is very much like any other occupation. Profits provide you with an income, but if your business does not have, and is unlikely to ever have, any intrinsic value that could be traded for cash in the future, then we will help to create a plan that will enable you to build a separate capital lump sum in a tax efficient manner that you can convert to income in your retirement to secure financial independence. If you have a business that has an intrinsic value now, or could be developed to ensure that it does in the future, then it could prove to be a source of private wealth and form an integral part of the planning towards your financial independence.

Can your business create sufficient wealth to provide you and your family with financial independence?

If you believe that your business can be a source of private wealth, then planning is essential to ensure that it can generate sufficient capital to reach your objectives. This will be achieved through a mixture of investing any profits you extract from the business over the years and the proceeds of your eventual exit, and you will need to consider the investment and taxation consequences of any actions taken.